Design tips to complement your Victorian Ash wood furniture

Expert tips from Space Solutions Co

Victorian Ash wood furniture is a testament to timeless elegance, and when it finds a place in your home, creating a harmonious design is essential. In collaboration with Melbourne's very own Space Solutions Co, we bring you expert design tips to help you curate a space that perfectly complements the exquisite beauty of Victorian Ash hardwood.

1. Embrace Neutrals: Start with a neutral color palette to let the natural warmth and grain patterns of Victorian Ash wood shine. Whites, soft greys, and earthy tones create a serene backdrop that highlights the furniture's elegance.

Need inspiration? Here you can find earthy tones combination ideas.

2. Layer with Texture: Introduce textures like cozy rugs, plush cushions, and tactile fabrics to add depth to your space. The contrast between the smooth Victorian Ash wood and tactile textiles brings a delightful balance.

3. Harmonise with Earthy Materials: Pair your Victorian Ash furniture with materials like stone, ceramic, and natural fibers. This combination creates an earthy and cohesive atmosphere, tying your design elements together.

4. Statement Lighting: Elevate your space with statement lighting. Pendant lights or chandeliers not only illuminate but also become stunning design features that complement the charm of Victorian Ash wood.

5. Minimalist Accents: Less is often more when working with the sophistication of Victorian Ash wood. Opt for minimalist décor accents that enhance the beauty of the furniture without overwhelming the space.

6. Artful Greenery: Bring the outdoors in with lush indoor plants. The vibrancy of greenery harmonizes beautifully with the natural tones of Victorian Ash, infusing life and freshness into your space.

7. Play with Patterns: Experiment with subtle patterns in textiles, such as cushions, throws, and curtains. Geometric patterns or gentle florals can add visual interest without overshadowing the wood's beauty.

8. Reflective Surfaces: Incorporate mirrors and reflective surfaces to bounce light around the room and create an illusion of more space. This technique complements the open and airy feel of Victorian Ash furniture.

9. Accent Colors: Add pops of color sparingly through accessories like vases, artworks, or small decorative items. These accents inject character into the space without detracting from the wood's allure.

10. Personal Touches: Infuse your personality into the design with personal touches like cherished art pieces, family heirlooms, or travel souvenirs. These elements seamlessly integrate with the Victorian Ash wood, creating a unique atmosphere.

Crafting Elegance with Space Solutions Co

As you embark on your journey to harmonize your interior with the elegance of Victorian Ash wood furniture, remember that Space Solutions Co's designs are inspired by Melbourne's creative spirit. By following these expert design tips, you'll create a space that's a testament to both your personal style and the timeless allure of Victorian Ash hardwood.

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Stay tuned for more insights into the world of furniture finishes and customization at Space Solutions Co.

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