What is the difference between Victorian Ash wood and Tasmanian Oak timber?

Discover why Victorian Ash wood is our favourite

When it comes to selecting the ideal timber for furniture, the choice between Victorian Ash and Tasmanian Oak can be quite the conundrum. Both native to Australia and celebrated for their versatility, it's important to understand their unique qualities to make an informed decision. In this comparison, we delve into the world of these two timbers, with a focus on why Victorian Ash stands out as the superior choice.

Difference between Victorian Ash and Tasmanian Oak

Victorian Ash Wood

Derived from the Eucalyptus regnans and Eucalyptus delegatensis species, Victorian Ash wood boasts impressive strength and durability. Its straight grain patterns and light color make it a favored option for both traditional and modern designs. Melbourne's own Space Solutions Co, a beacon of craftsmanship, has harnessed the qualities of Victorian Ash to create exquisite furniture that echoes the city's dynamic spirit.

Tasmanian Oak Timber

Tasmanian Oak, technically a combination of three eucalypt species—Eucalyptus regnans, Eucalyptus obliqua, and Eucalyptus delegatensis—shares some characteristics with Victorian Ash. It showcases warm tones and a relatively straight grain, making it popular for a variety of applications, including furniture and flooring. However, when held up against the superior attributes of Victorian Ash, it falls short in certain aspects.

The Deciding Factor

1. Strength and Durability:

While both timbers are valued for their durability, Victorian Ash stands out for its consistent and exceptional strength. This quality makes it an ideal choice for furniture that needs to withstand the test of time. The sturdiness of Victorian Ash wood ensures that the pieces crafted from it not only exude elegance but also last for generations.

2. Versatility and Adaptability

One of the distinguishing features of Victorian Ash is its adaptability to various finishes and styles. Its neutral color palette complements a wide range of interior aesthetics, from traditional to contemporary. Tasmanian Oak, while versatile, doesn't match the same level of adaptability and can require more effort to achieve a similar seamless integration.

3. The Unrivaled Allure of Victorian Ash

While both Victorian Ash and Tasmanian Oak offer unique qualities, the exceptional strength, adaptability, and enduring charm of Victorian Ash give it a distinct advantage. In the realm of timber selection, its superiority is undeniable. With Melbourne's own Space Solutions Co championing its attributes, the allure of Victorian Ash wood continues to shine, reinforcing its status as the timber of choice for quality and beauty in Australian-made furniture.

Victorian Ash Furniture Revival with Space Solutions Co

In the heart of Melbourne, Space Solutions Co embodies the essence of craftsmanship, using the finest Australian timbers. Their preference for Victorian Ash wood is rooted in its superior quality and enduring beauty. Through meticulous attention to detail, they create furniture pieces that not only embellish living spaces but also showcase the essence of Melbourne's creative energy.

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